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Race Weekend Guide


Still confused what culinary can be tasted in Magelang? This Race Weekends Guide will highlight about what to eat in Magelang.

1. Pasta Gio
Love western cuisine while enjoying the village atmosphere? You can try Pasta Gio. It has a variety of menus from western to local. Located inside Guesthouse Ndalem Nitihardjan, not far from Borobudur Temple!

2. Laras Hati Family Restaurant.
This restaurant is perfect for you to enjoy with friends and family because of the relatively large portion of food. It is Suitable for carbo loading before the Race! Located at Jl. Student Army (Bayeman) no. 50 Magelang.

3. Kupat Tahu Pojok.
You are not in Magelang if you have not tried Kupat Tahu Khas Magelang. One of the kupats that is worth to taste. From the president until the ministers have tried eating here. Located at Jl. The Student Army of the 14th City Kiosk in Magelang. Opened at 09:00 – 20:30 WIB

4. Bakmi Jawa Pak Muri
Not far from Race Village, there are Bakmi Jawa (Javanese Noodles) that are enjoyed by the people around Borobudur Temple, Bakmi Jawa Pak Muri. Only 150m from Borobudur Temple, you can immediately enjoy the warmth of Javanese noodle directly made by Mr. Muri. Open from 17:00 – 23:00 WIB.

5. Sop Senerek
If you like soup, you might try Senerek Sop, this is a typical food of Magelang since 1980. The meat is soft and the flavor is rich, It will make you want to go back. If you want to try, please come to Jl. Ikhlas Pertokoan Rejo Mulyo C No. 12 (Old Terminal) Magelang. Open 06:00 – 16:00

Here are some culinary destinations that you can try in Magelang! If you have a recommended culinary place around Magelang, please comment below to help other runners enjoy the culinary around Magelang!


After featuring what to eat in Magelang, this race weekend guide will highlight various coffee shops you can find in Magelang!

1. CoffeeVille
A cozy and artsy coffee shop in the city area, beside offering a cup of coffee as well as 3 mountains views directly on the KopiVille courtyard. There is an art room for visitors who want to see paintings or works of art made by young people of Magelang.

2. Aygo coffee
Aygo coffee is not too far from Grand Artos Hotel Magelang. After collecting race pack, you can go to Aygo Coffee. A cool atmosphere and a variety of menus while enjoying Magelang.

3. Alea coffee
If you stay near the Borobudur Temple area, you can go to Alea Coffee. The favorite menu is Java Coffee served in aluminum teapots making the coffee still warm while enjoying the atmosphere of Borobudur rice fields.

4. Kopi Luwak Pawon
Want to enjoy a different experience while drinking coffee? You can visit Kopi Luwak Pawon. Other than being able to enjoy luwak coffee, you can also see mongoose from close by. After enjoying the fragrant original Luwak coffee, you can also bring home the coffee beans that have just finished roasting on the spot.

5. Restaurant Plataran Stupa
suitable for those of you who want to enjoy peace and silence while being in the area of ​​Borobudur Temple! Located in the Plataran Borobudur area, you can enjoy a calm pain with a cup of delicious coffee.

If you have other references, please comment in the comments column, yes!


On the last day of the Race Weekend Guide is about Balkondes Borobudur. There are 20 thematic Balkondes scattered in the Borobudur area.

Balkondes has become one of the preferred places to enjoy typical Magelang snacks and culinary delights and try various activities such as walking around with a horse cart or an antique VW car. Some Balkondes provide accommodation for tourists who want to experience local wisdom and rural atmosphere from a different perspective.

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