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Isn’t it your desire to join Borobudur Marathon 2018 with so much practicality and easiness? Then @senangjalansenang might just be the answer. They provide attractive packages for those of you willing to join Borobudur Marathon 2018. Go and secure your Borobudur Marathon slot by reaching out @senangjalansenang contact for more information! Besides from what was mentioned above, @senangjalansenang still...
Magelang is not all about the great Borobudur Temple after all. There are still so much intriguing sights and attractions to visit and indulge. If you are interested in authentic Magelang cuisines and cultural places, @meluculinarytours offers packages so appealing that it might just suits you! Not only it would secure you your Borobudur Marathon 2018 slot,...
Dynamic-Duo registration is a unique way to register for Borobudur Marathon 2018: you need a partner to register! It can be your best buddy, one of your family members, friend at your office, girl/boyfriend, or any person you think might be interested to run Borobudur Marathon 2018. There are things you need to know about...
[SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE]   HANYA UNTUK PESERTA YANG SUDAH MENDAFTAR   Shuttle Bus menuju lokasi Start akan ada di 2 (dua) kota: Yogyakarta & Magelang   Magelang: 1. Artos Mall Berangkat ke Race Central pukul 03:00 Berangkat ke Artos Mall pukul 12:00 – 14:00   Yogyakarta: 1. TVRI Yogyakarta 2. Taman Parkir Abu Bakar Ali Malioboro 3. Plaza...