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Regular Registration
Regular Registration Date3

After more than five months and four registration period for Borobudur Marathon 2018, Regular Registration period will be the final period to reserve your race slot!

Approximately 6000 participants has successfully secured their race slots, and all remaining slots will be available via Travel Agent Registration (already available, go here for more details), and Regular Registration.

Of course we also have had allocate private invitational slots for our beloved sponsors, partners, VVIPs, and several other important parties that has always (and continuously) provide their best support to make Borobudur Marathon a successful sport tourism event in Indonesia; be it for 2018, and hopefully for more years to come.

2000 race slots for Regular Registration will be available on 8 June 2018 starting 2 PM (GMT +7), until all allocated slots sold out.

There are several important things to be aware of for this coming final registration period. 

Terms & Conditions for Regular Registration Period

  1. Double registration under the same distance category is prohibited. The system will do a real time data verification of registrant (official ID number, date of birth, and mobile number) to our existing participant database.
  2. Payment period is strictly 2 (two) hours after you choose payment method at the invoice page, and registration data will be deleted immediately if no payment made within the given period. No exceptions will be made for any reason. Committee has the right to ignore and/or not responding to any late payment request. 
  3. Double check every registration detail before submitting your registration. Change of registration data after completing the registration and/or payment is not allowed and committee has the right to ignore such request.
  4. Registration will be based on a First-Come, First-Served basis. No pre-booking request will be entertained.

Please familiar yourself with the above Terms & Conditions before the registration period starts.

Quick tips and suggestions before filling out the registration form:

  • Prepare your personal data beforehand.
    • Official ID card (which usually already contains a handful personal data), active mobile number, emergency contact (name & active number), jersey size (you can see the size table here), printed name on your BIB, your run crew name (if necessary).
    • If you are helping your friend(s) to register, collect their personal data prior to the registration time. Compile it neatly using spreadsheet so you can easily look back and forth between the spreadsheet and the registration form.
  • Prepare your target NETT finish time.
    • Selecting a proper and reasonable target finish time, will allow you and other runners to train properly, and later on, run in a more safe and convenient way, especially during start time, and along the race course.
    • By doing this, you will significantly help fellow runners that might have had dedicate their time to train hard to run their best effort, get the best experience of the race, and ultimately break their personal record time! They need all the support they can get, that includes selecting your proper target finish time.
    • In contrast, if you are planning to just enjoy the beautiful scenery along the route and/or just simply finish the race without any specific target, choose the last option from the available drop down list.
    • Be honest with your self, be mindful with other fellow runners, and choose the best option that match your target NETT finish time. 

Good luck, and see you at the Start Line!