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Frequently Asked Questions

Lumbini Park, Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Jawa tengah

Detailed information about race category and fees is available at www.BorobudurMarathon.co.id

Bank Transfer, ATM, Internet Banking, Credit Card, PayPal.

You (the participant/runners) may withdraw at any time, but you may not lend and/or sell your BIB, and there will be no refund.

OPEN Category: any verified runners are eligible to compete for podium positions

CLOSED Category: only verified runners with Indonesian citizenship are eligible to compete for podium positions

No. Be sure to choose the correct race category during registration process.

No. Please double check your registration details before completing the registration process.

No, you can’t.

Any voucher codes can only be used 1 (one) time. Please double check your registration details before you click the “Apply Coupon” button during registration process.

Detailed instruction for Race Pack Collection will be announced on a later date via your registered email address and/or via SMS to your registered mobile number.

Race tee, BIB number, Timing Chip, Totebag/Gymsack

Semanggi Ballroom, Grand Artoz Hotel, Jl. Mayjend Bambang Sugeng No.1, Magelang.

Yes. It is mandatory for runners to collect their race pack.

Yes, you can send someone else to help pick up your race pack. Please bring prepare the power of attorney letter and a copy of official identity card of the runners.

No you can’t.

Race pack can only be collected at the designated period of time announced by committee.

Yes we do. Bag drop will be provided for all registered participants.

Yes you do. Runners with no BIB attached will be removed from the race area.

No. You don’t have to return the timing chip.

Runners will run around Borobudur Temple area. Official race course will be announced at www.borobudurmarathon.co.id on a later date prior to race day.

Detailed information regarding Cut-Off-Time for each category will be announced at  www.borobudurmarathon.co.id on a later date prior to race day.

Runners who managed to finish within the Cut Of Time their respected race categories, are entitled for a finisher medals.

For Full Marathon (42K) category, finisher will also entitled for a finisher tee.

During the race, various refreshments such as fruits, mineral water, and/or isotonic drinks are available along the designated race course.

No. Pets are strictly forbidden in the race course.

No, those equipments are strictly forbidden to be at the race course at all time.

10.000 participants are expected to be at Bank Jateng Borobudur Marathon 2017

Race tee are available in XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL for each Men and Women. Below is the size chart.

Description XS S M L XL XXL 3XL
CHEST 18inch (45.72cm) 19inch (48.26cm) 20inch (50.8cm) 21inch (53.34cm) 22inch (55.88cm) 23inch (58.42cm) 24inch (60.96cm)
LENGTH 26inch (66.04cm) 27inch (68.58cm) 28inch (71.12cm) 29inch (73.66cm) 30inch (76.2cm) 31inch (78.74cm) 32inch (81.28cm)
ARMHOLE 8inch (20.32cm) 8.5inch (21.59cm) 9inch (22.86cm) 9.5inch (24.13cm) 10inch (25.4cm) 10.5inch (26.67cm) 11.5inch (29.21cm)
SLEEVE LENGTH 7.5inch (19.05cm) 8inch (20.32cm) 8.5inch (21.59cm) 9inch (22.86cm) 9.5inch (24.13cm) 10inch (25.4cm) 10.5inch (26.67cm)
SLEEVE OPENING 5.5inch (13.97cm) 6inch (15.24cm) 6.5inch (16.51cm) 7inch (17.78cm) 7.5inch (19.05cm) 8inch (20.32cm) 8.5inch (21.59cm)
SHOULDER 15inch (38.1cm) 16inch (40.64cm) 17inch (43.18cm) 18inch (45.72cm) 19inch (48.26cm) 20inch (50.8cm) 21inch (53.34cm)
BOTTOM 18inch (45.72cm) 19inch (48.26cm) 20inch (50.8cm) 21inch (53.34cm) 22inch (55.88cm) 23inch (58.42cm) 24inch (60.96cm)
NECK WIDTH 7inch (17.78cm) 7inch (17.78cm) 7inch (17.78cm) 7inch (17.78cm) 7.5inch (19.05cm) 7.5inch (19.05cm) 7.5inch (19.05cm)
NECK DROP 3inch (7.62cm) 3inch (7.62cm) 3inch (7.62cm) 3inch (7.62cm) 3.5inch (8.89cm) 3.5inch (8.89cm) 3.5inch (8.89cm)
NECK HEIGHT 0.75inch (1.905cm) 0.75inch (1.905cm) 0.75inch (1.905cm) 0.75inch (1.905cm) 0.75inch (1.905cm) 0.75inch (1.905cm) 0.75inch (1.905cm)

Size exchange is not possible.

However, runners may use other apparels for the event.

Verified winners will be rewarded with cash money prize.

Detailed information about the prizes is available at www.BorobudurMarathon.co.id.

Runners may use shuttle service provided by the committee at selected meeting points in Magelang and Yogyakarta. Please bear in mind that limited seats available for this shuttle service.

Further information will be announced at a later date at www.borobudurmarathon.co.id.

Yes. There will be road closures along the race course.

Yes. Parking will be available around the race area.

You can access any information related to Bank Jateng Borobudur Marathon 2017 at www.borobudurmarathon.co.id or via our official social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook Page, dan Twitter.

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