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Frequently Asked Questions
General Information

Lumbini Park, Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Jawa tengah

Marathon (42,195 KM), Half Marathon (21,095 KM), and 10 KM category.

More information related to registration fee can be found here.

Verified winners will be rewarded with cash money as the prize.

Detailed information of prize money for each category is available here.

You can access any information related to Borobudur Marathon 2018 at or via our official social media accounts: Instagram, and Facebook Page.

You can contact us via email or drop us a message via our social media inbox (Instagram / Facebook Page)


You may register online at our website during an active registration period.

We have had several registration periods which already started from early this year.

Stay tune at our Instagram and Facebook Page, and also official website (this website) for updated information related to registration periods.

OPEN Category: any verified runners are eligible to compete for podium positions

CLOSED Category: only verified runners with Indonesian citizenship are eligible to compete for podium positions

Credit Card (preferred), bank transfer using ATM / mobile banking / SMS banking / Internet banking.

Please use real time online method when using bank transfer, particularly Internet banking.

No, you cannot change any of your registration details once you’ve registered.

Please double check your details prior to submitting the registration form.

Exception will be made only for minor correction (typo) for Name, ID Number, Gender. Request for correction have to be submitted only via email to [email protected] and with a copy of valid identity (KTP/Passport/KITAS) attached.

Request to change participants details with other participant will not be entertained. Committee has the right to ignore and not responding by any means to such request.

You (the participant/runners) may withdraw at any time, and there will be no refund.

Please be informed that you may not lend and/or sell your BIB.

Payment confirmation email is automatically sent to your registered email address after your payment is verified. Please also check your spam / junk mail folder.

Should the email has not reach your inbox (or spam/junk mail folder) within a few hours, send email to [email protected] quoting your Registration Code & Registered Name, and we will check your payment.

Race tee are available in various sizes for each Men and Women. Below is the size chart, or you can also see it here.

Description XS S M L XL XXL 3XL
CHEST 18inch (45.72cm) 19inch (48.26cm) 20inch (50.8cm) 21inch (53.34cm) 22inch (55.88cm) 23inch (58.42cm) 24inch (60.96cm)
LENGTH 26inch (66.04cm) 27inch (68.58cm) 28inch (71.12cm) 29inch (73.66cm) 30inch (76.2cm) 31inch (78.74cm) 32inch (81.28cm)
ARMHOLE 8inch (20.32cm) 8.5inch (21.59cm) 9inch (22.86cm) 9.5inch (24.13cm) 10inch (25.4cm) 10.5inch (26.67cm) 11.5inch (29.21cm)
SLEEVE LENGTH 7.5inch (19.05cm) 8inch (20.32cm) 8.5inch (21.59cm) 9inch (22.86cm) 9.5inch (24.13cm) 10inch (25.4cm) 10.5inch (26.67cm)
SLEEVE OPENING 5.5inch (13.97cm) 6inch (15.24cm) 6.5inch (16.51cm) 7inch (17.78cm) 7.5inch (19.05cm) 8inch (20.32cm) 8.5inch (21.59cm)
SHOULDER 15inch (38.1cm) 16inch (40.64cm) 17inch (43.18cm) 18inch (45.72cm) 19inch (48.26cm) 20inch (50.8cm) 21inch (53.34cm)
BOTTOM 18inch (45.72cm) 19inch (48.26cm) 20inch (50.8cm) 21inch (53.34cm) 22inch (55.88cm) 23inch (58.42cm) 24inch (60.96cm)
NECK WIDTH 7inch (17.78cm) 7inch (17.78cm) 7inch (17.78cm) 7inch (17.78cm) 7.5inch (19.05cm) 7.5inch (19.05cm) 7.5inch (19.05cm)
NECK DROP 3inch (7.62cm) 3inch (7.62cm) 3inch (7.62cm) 3inch (7.62cm) 3.5inch (8.89cm) 3.5inch (8.89cm) 3.5inch (8.89cm)
NECK HEIGHT 0.75inch (1.905cm) 0.75inch (1.905cm) 0.75inch (1.905cm) 0.75inch (1.905cm) 0.75inch (1.905cm) 0.75inch (1.905cm) 0.75inch (1.905cm)
Race Pack Collection

Grand Hotel Artos, Magelang
Thursday, 15 November 2018 | 10.00 AM – 08.00 PM
Friday, 16 November 2018 | 10.00 AM – 08.00 PM
Saturday, 17 November 2018 | 10.00 AM – 06.00 PM

Approaching the race day, Race Pack Collection instruction will be sent to your inbox and/or SMS. Bring that information when you are collecting your race pack.

There will be no race pack collection on race day.

Registered participant need to arrange to have their race pack collected during official Race Pack Collection period.

Yes, you can have someone else to help pick up your race pack. 

Please prepare these following documents:

  • Power of attorney letter, which can be downloaded from here.
  • A copy of registered ID documents of the participant(s).
  • Race Pack Collection instruction code (the one received via email and/or SMS)

In order to provide a comfortable queing line for other participants at the race pack collection, one person can collect up to three (3) race pack.

BIB Number (with timing chip attached), Race tee.

Other information related on content of your race pack will be updated soon.

Size exchange is not possible.

However, runners can still run and may use other apparels for the event.

Race Day

Lumbini Park, Borobudur Temple Complex

Runners may use shuttle service provided by the committee at selected meeting points in Magelang and Yogyakarta. Please bear in mind that limited seats available for this shuttle service.

Further information related to the shuttle service booking will be announced at a later date via our Instagram, Facebook Page, and

Borobudur Marathon 2018 Race Village operational hours will be from 3.00 AM to 2.00 PM.

This information can be changed at anytime depending on the situation approaching the race day.

Yes, there will be very limited parking area (for car and/or motorcycle) around the race area.

We strongly suggest you use shuttle service provided to avoid getting stuck in the heavy traffic when reaching the race village.

Yes, there will be road closures during the event.

Yes you do.

Runners need to have his BIB attached in front of their running shirt and stay visible during the event. Runners with no BIB number will be removed from the race course by Borobudur Marathon 2018 Official.

Runners also need to show their BIB number when entering Borobudur Marathon 2018 Race Village. No exceptions will be made.

Yes we do. Baggage Deposit will be provided for all registered participants.

Runners will run around Borobudur Temple area. Official race course will be announced at on a later date prior to race day.

No. Pets are strictly forbidden in the race course.

No, those equipments are strictly forbidden to be at the race course at all time.

Start time: 05:00 AM
Cut Off Time: 7 (seven) hours

Half Marathon
Start time: 5:30 AM
Cut Off Time: 4 (four) hours

Start time: 6:00 AM
Cut Off Time: 2 (two) hours

Cut Off Point (COP) is a point where all runners need to pass within a certain time limit.

In Borobudur Marathon 2018, we will enforce COP in Marathon and Half Marathon categories.

Marathon Category:
COP at KM 21.1 at 09:00 WIB / 4 hours (gun time) after start.
COP at KM 35 at 11:00 WIB / 6 hours (gun time) after start.

Half Marathon Category:
COP at KM 15 at 08:30 WIB / 3 hours (gun time) after start.

Marathon & Half Marathon participants who arrive at any of the COPs after the specified time limits mentioned above, will be stopped from the race and escorted to the race center using a special vehicle provided by committee.

All participants who are subject to Cut-off Time and Cut-off Points are declared as not completing the race and are not entitled to get the finisher medal, or the finisher tee.

Runners who managed to finish within the Cut Of Time their respected race categories, are entitled for a finisher medals.

For Marathon (42K) category, finisher will also entitled for a finisher tee.

During the race, various refreshments such as fruits, mineral water, and/or isotonic drinks are available along the designated race course.

10.000 participants are expected to be at Borobudur Marathon 2018.